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Science Fiction Television Writer. Adventurer. Dreamer. 
In the vast galaxy of storytelling, my journey began with the twinkling allure of Star Wars. It wasn't just the space battles or the iconic characters that captivated me; it was the profound narrative of finding one's place in the universe. This early inspiration ignited a lifelong passion for character-driven tales, from intricate sci-fi epics to deeply personal dramas. 

As a writer, I've always strived to explore the nuanced complexities of humanity; our struggles and triumphs, our bonds of friendship, and the adventures that shape our destinies. But my passion for stories doesn't stop at the written word. Over the years, I've ventured into the realms of production, transitioning seamlessly from the writer's desk to the director's chair, ensuring that every narrative is not just told but experienced. 

Beyond individual projects, my professional journey has been defined by collaboration. From the dynamic world of web series to the meticulous planning of films, I've collaborated with diverse teams, weaving collective visions into compelling masterpieces. Every script, every shoot, every edit, is a testament to my commitment to the art of storytelling. 

As the next chapter of my career unfolds, I remain anchored by my foundational love for stories. Whether I'm diving into a new script, managing the intricacies behind the scenes, or embarking on an uncharted narrative adventure, I see every challenge, every opportunity, as a continuation of my ever-evolving story. 


CSU Media Arts Festival


Int'l Student Film Festival Hollywood


CSU Media Arts Festival


CMF Best Picture of CSULB


Phi Kappa Phi Bond Fellowship 2021

The Flash Spec

CSU Media Arts Festival 2015

The Fiction Show  |  Finalist


International Student Film Festival Hollywood 2014

Miss Virginia  |  Official Selection

CSU Media Arts Festival 2014

Miss Virginia  |  Finalist

Hollywood Foreign Press Association Scholarship 2013

Miss Virginia

Campus Movie Fest Best Picture Winner 2013

Invasion of the Jimmies  |  CSULB

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